Scuttlers – Royal Exchange (February 2015)


This will be a different blog entry. I suppose that all writing is about the author. This time, it is intentional. I was scared at the Royal Exchange theatre earlier this month and I want to write down why; to capture the emotional work I have undertaken in exploring my response to a play, to think about why injustice rails me. Continue reading

Hamlet – Royal Exchange (2014)

Maxine PeakeThe Royal Exchange theatre is one of the reasons why Manchester is a great place for a cultural life. It is everything that regional theatre should be: challenging, innovative, exciting and encased in original architecture. As soon as it was announced that Maxine Peake had been cast as Hamlet, I ordered my tickets. I am so glad I did: first because it sold out and second because she was superb. (You can find the range of reviews of her performance – here: Continue reading