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My Introduction

I am a Doris Day fan and at some point, I will use this blog to explain why. I am also a lecturer and researcher in social policy for social work. (There is no explanation for my career). However, the aim of this blog is to give me a space to explore how I make sense of social policy issues and I hope engage in a dialogue with others about this. Yes, I read text books, journal articles, research papers, keep up with current affairs and being an academic I sometimes sit staring into space as ideas crystallise. But I also watch films and television, go to the theatre, listen to music, read books, visit galleries and exhibitions and sometimes it is those encounters that help me make sense of the world and why we have organised it the way we have, how fair it is and what impact it has on real lives. As one of the characters in a book I’ve just read said:

But art does have a use. It helps us see the world more clearly. Like my father’s beloved spectacles, art sharpens our perception. (Solomons, 2014:66)gallery of

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